Supervixen Wrap

Supervixen Wrap

13.05.11 — Design, Events, +2

Supervixen is a Sydney based visual effects studio that have been in operation for ten years now.Morten Rowley has a history of working...

The Glue Society

The Glue Society

21.04.11 — Design, Film, +1

My very first post on Infront in 2003 was about The Glue Society and a holding page which was pretty darn funny. Their site has seen a ...

No Home

No Home

02.03.11 — Events, Fashion, +1

No Home is a fashion and film project making way for a revolutionary new era of conversation within the creative world. Launching as pa...

TommyGood / Astor Theatre

TommyGood have teamed up with Astor Theatre in Melbourne to produce some of the most amazing screen printed movie posters I have ever s...

Collider - New Site

Collider - New Site

27.01.11 — Art, Design, +3

Collider have a redesigned website - which is new. It's full of excellent work - which is nothing new. They've always been good.

What a visual. Aussie big-wave rider Mark Visser rides JAWS at night.


19.01.11 — Art, Exhibits, +2

Check out the video from the Microcosm exhibition at LOFI Collective in December featuring Beastman, Creepy, Max Berry and Phibs.



28.11.10 — Events, Film, +1

Joyride. Australia's longest fixed gear ride starts today. 9 riders, 1 photographer, 1 filmmaker and 2000kms across 3 states. Follow t...

Bicycle Film Festival Tenth Anniversary

The Bicycle Film Festival hits Sydney this week. BFF10 celebrates the bicycle through music, art and film. For more info visit: http:/...

TST - Speaking Zaans

21.10.10 — Film

Lovely underexposed film for  TST's  Speaking Zaans.Directed by:  Dimitri Kalagas and Chris Cork

I Love Sarah Jane

20.10.10 — Film

Directed by Spencer Susser, written by Spencer Susser & David Michôd. Ah, young love. The air seems clearer. The sun seems ...

Rubber House

15.10.10 — Film, Illustration, +1

Rubber House is a new animation studio out of Melbourne combining the talents of Greg Sharp and Ivan Dixon.

Miracle Fish

14.10.10 — Film

Miracle Fish, Oscar nominated short film written and directed by Luke Doolan. 8 year old Joe has a Birthday he will never forget. Afte...

Life On Top Of Hyde Park

Life On Top Of Hyde ...

07.10.10 — Events, Film, +1

Tonight at the Apple store in Sydney from 5.30pm, photographer Pete Longworth, filmmaker Christopher Baron and sound artist Michael K. ...

MTV Exit - Ultra

23.09.10 — Film, Music, +1

This third instalment in the MTV EXIT music video series dramatically highlights the dangers and impact of human trafficking. The vide...