Tractor Grad Show

26.06.13 — Design, Digital, +1

This Thursday Tractor will be showcasing the work created through the digital and graphic design programs. Open for one night only on T...

After a pretty poor showing in 2012, this year saw quite a few winners hail from Down Under. Gold Silver and Bronze Lions went to the a...



16.05.13 — Design, Digital

We are pretty late with this update but I've had it in the back of my mind to post as soon as I had a moment to spare, it is just that ...

Run That Town

15.05.13 — Advertising, Digital, +1

Ever heard of Census? Yes, essentially all the data about us Australians. Now you can use it in a game to run that town, your town. For...

The Paper Fox

The Paper Fox

24.04.13 — Art, Design, +2

I got some exciting news into my inbox today, a project which I have been following since 2011 has just hit the App Store. The Paper Fo...

Race to Webbys

Race to Webbys

24.04.13 — Advertising, Design, +1

Australian creatives are in the running for the coveted Webby awards. Give our locals a push by voting - only 2 days left! Reactive Pl...

MASH Site updates

MASH Site updates

23.04.13 — Design, Digital, +1

Prepare for some major website envy, MASH have just updated with a hot new take on their online presence.

Shillington's Melbourne Masterclass

Only 3 places remain for Shillington's Melbourne Masterclass starting this Saturday (April 6). Don't miss out on participating in some ...

Made by MOG

28.02.13 — Advertising, Digital, +1

Music makes everything better, including apple juice. With 'Made by MOG' you can create a playlist on Telstra's music service MOG and l...

Hunt&Co. New Website

For what ever reason, the last three years of my career (my first three) have converted me into grid system junkie. From hung bullets t...

SouthSouthWest New Site

SouthSouthWest are an unstoppable force in the Australian design landscape, you could call me bias for a number of reasons but you can'...

DJ Live Fashion

06.02.13 — Advertising, Digital, +1

Catch their new Fall-WInter collection online tonight, at 6:45pm AEDT. David Jones Fashion Launch Visual Jazz Isobar have evolved these...

Volume2a Updates

Volume2a Updates

21.01.13 — Design, Digital, +1

Simon Bent (Volume2a) has updated his folio with a bunch of new and inspiring works.



12.01.13 — Design, Digital, +2

Quality over quantity is in full effect with the new Longton site and their work is absolutely top notch.

Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty

10.01.13 — Digital, Online

Spacious new site from the talented team at Nitty Gritty with a touch of parallax and a sneaky responsive resize. Designed by Melbourne...