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We told you the timing was tight on this one, but with over 8k in prizes up for grabs, that should be enough to get you going on your entry.

Submissions for Visual Response 07 are due on the 7th of December at 11pm AEST. Get all the details here and enter now. Studios, we want to see your work too!

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  • aistrope 27th November 2013 @ 10.23 AM

    Who has started on an entry? Countdown is on for this one.

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  • dave 27th November 2013 @ 12.19 PM

    I might finally do one, spending time on it while hungover and bloated after Thanksgiving Day in the US... maybe my theme should be "How to gain 15 pounds in a day"...?

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  • petree 28th November 2013 @ 10.47 AM

    The specs for uploading seem to not match the A1 size.

    I'm getting 585 x 828px when down sizing (without bleed), not 585 x 800px as mentioned. FYI

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  • A_Skujins 04th December 2013 @ 9.09 AM

    I'm with Petree - 828x585px when saved out.

    Also – RGB jpeg for the final print file? Can we provide a CMYK PDF/Jpeg instead?

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  • aistrope 04th December 2013 @ 11.12 AM

    CMYK is fine for the print file, RGB for the web version however.

    Your free to provide the web size at 828 high also. We just round it down to keep it neat.

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  • aistrope 04th December 2013 @ 11.17 AM

    Entries are due this Saturday by the way!

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  • zack486 04th December 2013 @ 11.49 AM

    invented the same year as viagra.

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