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As a designer, I'm always on the look-out for fantastic photographers so I was delighted to come across Tom Ross. First, inadvertently  through the fantastic branding Confetti Studio created for him and secondly through our recent conversation with Tim Semple. Be sure to head to Tom's website to see a huge selection of photos he has taken of homes, restaurants, galleries and spectacular scenery on his travels. 

You have an amazing selection of interior and architectural photography, how did you arrive at this specialty?
There seems to be a lot of cross-over between the architect and photographer brain. They have to think about light a lot, and have a much more sophisticated understanding of space that I find exciting. If it’s good architecture there’s a genuine aspiration for the project and as the photographer you are charged with understanding and communicating that, which is a real privilege. 

We love your business cards and website, what was the process of developing your branding with Confetti Studio like?
A whole lotta fun. Those guys are a bunch of very clever, barely grown up, legends. They take the outcomes of their work very seriously, but not themselves. We share a slightly awkward, dork, weirdo approach to things that just made things fairly simple. 

What's your favorite subject matter to photograph in your spare time?
Probably more architecture, but just the kind I don’t get paid for. Also, I’ve been traveling for a few years looking at different peoples ideas of paradise on earth. 

Of the buildings you have photographed, which would you most like to live in?
That’s obviously tough, but probably the Featherstone House, by Robin Boyd. It has very blurred threshold between indoor and outdoor, and manages to be absolutely beautiful but basically a shed at the same time. 

Aside from Confetti, are there any designers/creatives you think we should know about?
Yep, check out photographer Jo Duck and designers Marilyn & Sons, their work speaks for itself. 

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