TDK Fourplay

TDK Fourplay



The Design Kids’ Fourplay fest is kicking off in Brisbane this Thursday at the Autumn Co in South Brisbane (29 Merivale St), 6–8.30pm.

Come along and complete the interactive A1 pieces by the following studio—student/grad teams, in no particular order:

We’re Open—Taylor Martin
Parallax—Cristina Muffatti
Cornershop Design—Zach Cassidy
Thought and Process—Phillipa Pell
One Iota—Alice Moir
Josephmark—Clare Barrett
The Letter D—Liam Matthews
Analogue Digital—Jason Mangelsdorf
Frank and Mimi—Deane Featonby
Luke Day—Jake Williams
Art-Work Agency—Sam Rowe
Futago—Adam Van Winden
Motherbird—Kristen Hancock
Bird—Julian De Bono
TDK—Stefan Imbesi
Studio Constantine—Holly Le
The Cutaway—Scott McNally
Yoke—Amber Goedegebuure
Univers—Jessica Watson
Kate Pullen—Madeline Deneys
Alter—Nathan Nankervis
The Hungry Workshop—Lloyd Mst
The Company You Keep—Nonie Hunter
Studio Fellow—Joshua McCormack
Australian Type Foundry—Sophie Brown
Pocket Design—Kayla Gourlay
Shorthand—Jace Prasil
Zookraft—Madeline Ritchie
Living Brand—Amanda Nienaber
OneTrickPony—George Cooke
The Cut—Tim Meakins
Studio Bomba—Matthew Wong
Lost & Found—Yusuke Fujii
Georgia Hill—Jonathan Key
Nowhere Famous—Melissa Baillache
Born & Raised—Nicci Hurwitz
Mira Yuna—Trent Michael

More details here, and for a warm up, head along tonight to TDK Tuesdays, in your local hood.

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