Gowings Bar & Grill (as part of QT Hotels • Resorts_Sydney)
<br />Fabio Ongarato Design
<br /> Captain Melville,
<br />By Breathe Architecture Pope Joan Produce Store,
<br />by Figureground Architecture Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar,
<br />by HASSELL T2B,
<br />by Landini Associates Top Paddock Cafe,
<br />by Six Degrees Architects & Nathan Toleman Design & Construction

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2013 Eat Drink Design Awards Finalist shortlist announced

Signature dishes, perfectly pitched drinks and impeccable service are an integral part of the eating and drinking experience, but a venue’s interior is an equally important ingredient. Design provokes an emotional response in us, whether it be a feeling of nostalgia, of delight, or a satisfying sense that we’re in the know. Good design is good for business – it attracts patrons (and keeps them coming back) and creates an efficient working environment for staff.

The annual Eat-Drink-Design Awards supports innovation and excellence in the design of hospitality premises of all scales and types, retail environments for the sale of food and beverages and visual identities for both. The program will recognize and celebrate Australia and New Zealand’s best projects, rewarding design achievement in six categories. From high-end restaurants and bars to offbeat hole-in-the-wall cafes and pop-ups, the awards are a unique forum for architects, designers and their clients to present their best new projects. The Eat-Drink-Design Awards is the only awards program in Australasia dedicated to this specialist area.

Entries will present a wide range of environments, including bars, nightclubs, fine-dining restaurants, cafes, retail spaces and pop-up installations and will survey architecture and design practices of all scales, specializations and locations.

The Finalist shortlist was announced this week in categories; best bar design, best restaurant design, best temporary design, best retail design and best visual identity.

A short selection of the many finalists are pictured to the left.

A unique, themed event, the Eat-Drink-Design Awards ceremony and cocktail party will take place in late October to annopunce the winners.

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