Rachel Burke's Bedazzled World

Rachel Burke's Bedazzled World


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Do you like warm and fuzzies? Because we do! That's why I'm writing about Rachel Burke. Her work will give you all the warm and fuzzies you could ever want from an Instagram feed.

Rachel Burke is a maker of epic proportions. Working a 9-5 job as a Senior Womenswear Designer at Universal Store, then coming home to work into the wee hours of the morning on her own magic.

You may have seen are her Tinsel Jackets – worn by the likes of Dannii Minogue and many other talented musicians. Or her project ‘Apomogy’ which encompasses apologies in the form of pom poms. Or maybe you’ve seen ‘The Magical Mundane’ – making objects from everyday life sparkle like they've never sparkled before. If you haven’t seen these incredible projects, you should get on that quick smart! Most recently Rachel released a book – 'Daphne and Daisy – Pawtraits of Sausage Style' featuring her adorable dachshunds. 

She is a woman of pure drive and trust me, getting a glimpse into her bedazzled world every day, will inspire you to push harder than ever before. The internet is this weird and wonderful place, and sometimes we don't understand it – but it also gives us the chance to discover and interact with artists/designers/humans that we couldn't of at one point in time.

I was lucky enough to ask her a few questions. Please see below for a more in-depth look at her world.


I saw that you occasionally work as a shoot stylist for Frankie Magazine, how did you go about scoring a gig like that? 

A few years ago, literally out of the blue, I got a phone call from Frankie asking if I might be interested in styling their fashion editorials. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity, as Frankie has been one of my favourite magazines forever!  11 editorials later and I still love working with Frankie!  They are just such a fabulous group of creatively minded individuals!

What advice would you give to creatives who are struggling to work the 9 - 5 grind for an employer, and actively participate in growing their own creative practice? 

I would just say: make sure you still find time to work on your own creative practice – don’t be afraid to make a schedule and literally book the time in with yourself.  

In short, what was the progression of your career? How did you get to where you are today?

After spectacularly dropping out of (what I had previously thought) was my dream university degree, I was left wondering what direction my life was going to go in.  I started grasping at straws for things I enjoyed doing, and settled on trying to make some clothes for myself and friends. This grew into a blog, which turned into my first clothing label…which then landed me a job as a designer at a Brisbane boutique. From there I was approached by Universal Store and landed the job as their Womenswear Designer…which grew into the Senior position I now hold.  Throughout all of the jobs I have had, I have continuously worked at developing my practice as an artist and haven’t been afraid to continue experimenting with my own personal design aesthetic. 

For you to be 100% of the time, working on your own projects – what would need to happen for you to be able to make that leap? 

I think I would need a good dose of bravery to make that leap. It’s scary to think of your creative practice as the thing that is going to bring home the bacon as well…so I would need to be very confident that it was sustainable before making that choice. 

Your segment on The Today Show mentioned you made a dress every day for a year for charity, can you tell us more about that? 

Yes I did.  That was the second project I did and documented on my website www.imakeyouwearit.com.  I made a different dress each day to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.  It was such an important project for me, because it showed how I could create my own opportunities and gave me the ability to explore what I was capable of.


Hopefully you can get your daily craftiration (craft and inspiration – if that’s not already a word, I’m claiming it!) from Rachel’s Instagram or website and it bring you as much joy as it brings me everyday.

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