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After many successful years together producing some of Australia's most awarded and memorable album covers, the guys at Debaser have sadly decided to call it a day. Debaser were responsible for iconic album art for the likes of Empire Of The Sun, Powderfinger, Paul Kelly, Pete Murray, Coldplay, Clare Bowditch, 360, Angus Stone, Bernard Fanning, Guy Sebastian and many more.

But fear not, founding partner Aaron Hayward has teamed up with designer Mike Hosey, who has worked in London, Australia and New Zealand, to form Next Episode. 


Dynamic Sydney­based graphic design agency, Next Episode, is the latest brainchild of creatives Aaron Hayward and Mike Hosey. Drawing on extensive industry experience, combined with commercial and creative success, Next Episode is an agency built to develop and implement innovative design solutions.
The Next Episode team works collaboratively, focusing on creative­ led design and utilising the extensive knowledge and skills of their award­ winning designers to craft conceptually and visually appealing pr
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