Brontë Naylor

Brontë Naylor



If you've been traversing the streets around Cairns, Toowoomba or Brisbane in the last few years you may have come across some of the large-scale painting & public art of Brontë Naylor.

In recent years Brontë has been outputting commissions and public artworks like it's nobody's business. As an artist who has been honing her skills since 2010, she now works full-time from her studio and collaborates with events such as the First Coat Art Festival.

Apart form them big ole murals and such, she also accommodates the internal and somewhat smaller walls of your home via her exhibitions & in-studio practices. Naylor’s work discusses the contemporary dilemma of dispersing ownership of memory between digital assets and the mind. There are continuous strains of duality expressed in her artwork. Contrasting notions: remembered/forgotten, steadiness/uncertainty then reality versus the idea of reality (memory). Through this line of inquisition, her practise works through, welcomed yet distorted versions of the familiar and unfamiliar.

To keep track of Brontë's artistic adventures, be sure to follow her instagram here.

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