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Hey all, we know we haven't posted here for ages. Zann and I walked away from Aus Infront this year for various reasons, all the excuses you could possibly think of (work, family, life) - we had them.

That being said, we were given a kick up the butt last month. The good folks at Microsoft asked us to put together a talk, and we thought what better way to show off what we can do than by designing and building a new Australian Infront in just under four weeks. We are into the third week of the progress now (you can follow along with our updates on Instagram) and are gearing up to do our talk at the Microsoft Flagship Store in Sydney on November 8th at 6pm.

Register your interest on their Facebook event page here and come see how far we got whilst putting this together after hours. Hopefully, we will have a new site with loads of new features almost ready to launch.

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  • jamesb 31st October 2018 @ 9.33 AM

    The new website is looking great @damien

    Keen to see if the new website kicks life back into AiF

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  • Dan 01st November 2018 @ 11.13 AM

    ::Keen to see if the new website kicks life back into AiF::

    Doubt it. Unfortunate to say but this site has died off from what it once was.

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  • aistrope 06th November 2018 @ 9.51 AM

    Thanks James :)

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  • scotty 07th November 2018 @ 7.33 PM

    Looking forward to seeing the new AIF and appreciate all you guys put into it.

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  • dave 08th November 2018 @ 6.01 AM

    Looking forward to it too.

    And anyone with constructive suggestions on ways to improve the site & contribute to the community I'm sure the AiF guys are more than open to, both now and in the future.

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  • AdamDesigns 09th November 2018 @ 1.00 PM

    I feel that forums are slowly dying everywhere. The lost world of web 2.0. Kids these days don't appreciate a good forum.

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  • thisis_akd 02nd January 2019 @ 6.35 AM

    Hopefully the new website will include the jobs board? Are there any other Australian design specific jobs boards?

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