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If you're anything like me, you're inspired by designed forms and shapes, especially those which present themselves in the built environment or as installations.

For anyone interested in fashion and architecture, Architectonic looks like a great opportunity to witness some original thinking and ideas - not to mention, soak in some of Australia’s best artistic talents as part of Melbourne’s Fashion Festival’s Cultural Program.

Personally, I tip my cap at anyone taking their work from a printed or flat concept through to a tangible object. Being able to enjoy artworks from many perspectives and angles is by far, one the hardest disciplines to successfully execute. I really appreciate the lengths to which creative people/teams like Make.Shift Concepts go to in order to launch shows like 'Architectonic’. I have big expectations for this one! Looks great!


No Vacancy Gallery presents: Architectonic
Exhibitors: Make.Shift Concepts
Opening: Thursday 13 March, 2014, 6 – 9pm
Exhibition: Wednesday 12 - Saturday 22 March, 11am – 5pm 

More from the press release.


MAKE.SHIFT CONCEPTS launch their next project in exhibition as a participant of the 2014 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program.

MAKE.SHIFT CONCEPTS is textile practitioner, Armando Chant, fashion practitioner, Donna Sgro and design architect, Olivier Solente.

MAKE.SHIFT CONCEPTS is a Sydney-based collaborative research practice through which the designers explore trans-disciplinary crossings between fashion, textiles, art and architecture. Each designer brings a particular expertise to the practice, which when combined, is expanded into something new.

ARCHITECTONIC is an installation in which garments are represented as transformative structures. Structures that are solid and structures that are soft, depending upon the materials and imagery through which they are made. Each garment through its different mode of representation reveals a new aspect of the form, and this is further expanded through the incorporation of graphic imagery.

ARCHITECTONIC combines the presentation of graphic imagery, sculptural forms and garments. Each of these forms relates to the other, through processes the designers work through together. Working with the idea of continual transformation, the designers apply an iterative process, which involves abstractions and re-combinations of digital and analogue technologies. Each designer, using his or her particular expertise, engages in an experimental way to create the final installation.

ARCHITECTONIC references experimental fashion and textile practice and modes of presentation, where expectations of fashion will be challenged. In this type of practice, garments are created in response to collaboration, rather than to established conventional methodologies or directly to the body. The resulting forms tell a story about collaboration.


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