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There's a certain threshold of low expectations you have when you go to a graduation show. Don't deny it, you know out of every 100 work you see, you will probably only give 10 of them over 30 seconds of your time, and of those 10, maybe 2 out of them you give 50 seconds.

Then... THEN, once in every 5 leap years... there's the ONE that forces you to give it all your attention because you realise the work you're seeing is 50 times better than yours and you're probably 12 years older than the artist. 

This dude Alastair Sew Hoy is one of them, i dont think I know another person who can animate the proper good anime way here in Australia, you can't just learn this shit off youtube mang. 

His Website

His Tumblr

cool, now meet me later at Roundhouse as i drown my jealousy.  


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