Our friends over at have just completed a facelift and released a new headphone with American record/design/tech label Ghostly international

To celebrate, Aiaiai are offering 30% of all products on their site, exclusively to Infront readers. Just put in the code Ghostly when making your next purchase and receive 30% off and free shipping for the next 7 days.

Aiaiai teamed up with the legendary American record label, design innovator Ghostly International for a special edition headphone that merges Danish audio design with impeccably curated, timeless sound culture. With only 50 pairs of 1000 making it to Australia, the collaboration comes with exclusive new features, designed and engineered by Ghostly International.

Completely new sound: The headphones have been engineered to deliver a powerful bass response with a focus on low-end tonality and dynamics.

The overall design is a hybrid from Aiaiai’s DJ and Studio model headphones. Ghostly Edition is fitted with fine grade Morocco leather on-ear cushions and headband, which cancel out surrounding sound. Along with Black cloth cable and embossed Ghostly logo on the ear cup.

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